Project Presentation 


The INTESA project: Innovation in Technologies to Support a Sustainable Development of Agro-Industry is a standard project within the framework of the cross-border cooperation program, Italy Tunisia 2014-2020. It has a Total value of € 979 189, 30, working on the thematic objective of the program, OT 2: Support for education, research, technological development and innovation, Priority 2.1 – Promotion and support for research and innovation in key sectors.

INTESA, by capitalizing on the experiences and skills acquired by various partners coming from different private associative and research circles, aims to provide a complete definition and evaluation of good greenhouse production practices used in Mediterranean climatic zones. Our objective is to test a Model of soilless cultivation in existing greenhouses, providing training and monitoring of the environmental performance of greenhouses.

One of the greenhouses’ subjects of the INTESA project is the Manouba glass greenhouse. Itwas built thanks to the AGRIPONIC project and was funded by the cross-border cooperation program, Italy Tunisia 2007-2013. This greenhouse will be involved in the various task groups of the INTESA project as a duplicable functional prototype of an aboveground production system.

Such farming system and joint production modelwill be the main subject of the training program. Moreover,we aim to popularize the meetings with various stakeholders such as researchers, professionals, young entrepreneurs, farmers, NGOs, etc.